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2018-06-25 Elghanae ISO،iso 14000،iso 14004،iso 14040،iso 2000،ISO 9000،iso 9001،iso 9002،iso 9003،iso 9004،المنظمة الدولية للمقاييس،المنظمة الدولية لمقاييس iso،ايزو،ايزو 14000،ايزو 14004،ايزو 14040،ايزو 2000،ايزو 9000،ايزو 9002،ايزو 9003،ايزو. ISO 9002 is an umbrella term that refers to a standard developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The last version of this standard is ISO 9002:1994; generally organizations referring to themselves as being ISO 9002 certified are referring to this current version of the standard ايزو 9001:2000 iso يجمع بين المعايير الثلاثة 9001، 9002، و 9003 في وحدة واحدة هي 9001. اجراءات التصميم والتطوير مطلوبة فقط إذا كانت الشركة في الواقع مشاركة في استحداث منتجات جديدة ما هو iso 9002؟ تمت مراجعة iso 9002 في عام 1994 وتم تسميتها كنموذج لضمان الجودة في الإنتاج والتركيب والخدمة. ومع ذلك ، فقد غطت جميع مفاهيم iso 9001 تقريبًا ، ولكنها لا تشمل إنشاء منتجات جديدة

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المواصفة الدولية أيزو 9001 : 2015. بادئ ذو بدء فقد تم إجراء بعض التغييرات والتحديثات في الإصدار الجديد للمواصفة الدولية أيزو 9001: 2015 بهدف تسهيل التكامل بين نظم الإدارة المختلفة، وسيكون من الأسهل على المؤسسات المطبقة لنظم. نظام إدارة الجودة الآيزو ISO 90012008. Nöurä Bārçã. PDF. Download. Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper ISO 9002 & ISO 9003 Timeline. All three of the standards: ISO 9001, ISO 9002 & ISO 9003, were updated in 1994 with minor changes, but the requirements were still focused on production-based industries. In 2000, ISO 9001 was updated from a document everything approach to a more process-based approach for Quality Management Systems

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ISO 9002:1994/Cor 1:1995 Quality systems — Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing — Technical Corrigendum תקני iso 9000 הם סדרת תקני איכות בינלאומיים, המוגדרים על ידי ארגון התקינה הבינלאומי (iso). הסדרה מחולקת למספר תקנים נפרדים המתייחסים זה לזה, והיא מתאימה לכל סוגי הטכנולוגיות ולכל סוגי הספקים (יצרנים ונותני שירותים), תוך הצגת.

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The ISO 9002 is a standard targeting industry and was formulated by the International Organization for Standardization. The main title for it is A model for quality assurance in the production, installation and service. Though the standard has changed with review over time, its replacement standard still holds the same exact content with. ISO 9000 defines the criteria for what should be measured. ISO 9001 covers design and development. ISO 9002 covers production, installation and service, and ISO 9003 covers final testing and inspection. ISO 9000 certification does not guarantee product quality. It ensures that the processes that develop the product are documented and performed. PD ISO/TS 9002:2016 ISO/TS 9002:2016(E)  The timing of management reviews can be scheduled to coincide with other business activities (e.g. strategic planning, business planning, annual meetings, operations meetings, other management system standards' reviews) to add value and to avoid redundant multiple meetings The ISO 9002 certificate is a standard designed by the ISO international organization that has been deprecated and integrated into other protocols and certificates of that organization.. Throughout the years, the standard was added to various texts: in the year 2000 it had its first revision, where it was replaced by the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate; 2009 saw the emergence of ISO 9001: 2008. ISO 9002 بیشتر مفاهیمی نظیر تفکر مبتنی بر ریسک ، نقش مدیریت ارشد و اهمیت محیط کسب‌وکار را توضیح می‌دهد.همچنین چگونه کاربران می‌توانند الزامات را برآورده نمایند. راهنمای ایزو 9002 ، به استفاده.

iso 9002:1994. اعتمدت بتاريخ gso iso 3534-3:2017. iso 3534-3:2013 مواصفة قياسية خليجية. ما هو ISO 9002؟. تحصل الشركات على شهادة بموجب معايير ISO 9000 لإثبات أن برنامج إدارة الجودة الخاص بها يتوافق مع معيار ISO 9001. ينطبق معيار ISO 9002 الذي عفى عليه الزمن حاليًا على الشركات التي تعمل في إنتاج. كيفية الحصول على شهادة نظام إدارة الجودة iso 9002. تقوم شركتنا بالتعاون مع جهات دولية بمنح شهادة الأيزو 9002 وتوفير التدريب والتأهيل اللازم للشركات بمختلف مجالاتها اللازم لتمكن الشركات من العمل وفق شروط الأيزو 9002

ISO 9002 certification. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently announced a national plan called the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9002. The primary goal of the plan is the adoption of measures to reduce medical mistakes. It is already in effect in most of the industrially developed European countries Of the estimated 800 foundries listed as operational, about 230 have become ISO 9000 registered, most to ISO 9002 and a few to ISO 9001. Understanding ISO 9000: user benefits and drawbacks Kaysam Worldwide, Totowa, NJ, a domestic manufacturer of meteorological balloons, has been awarded the ISO 9002 certificate of approval from SGS. ما هو iso 9002؟ تمت مراجعة iso 9002 في عام 1994 وكان عنوانها كنموذج لضمان الجودة في الإنتاج والتركيب والخدمة. ومع ذلك ، فقد غطت تقريبا جميع مفاهيم iso 9001 ، ولكن لا يشمل إنشاء منتجات جديدة

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يطبق إيزو 9002 على السلع التي لا تتطلب تصميما ويعرف تأكيد الجودة في الإنتاج والتركيب والخدمة. يطبق إيزو 9003 على كافة الشركات ويحدد نموذج نظام الجودة للتفتيش النهائي والاختبار ISO prepared 9000-2 to help you implement and apply the ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9002:1994, and ISO 9003:1994 quality standards. Also, please note that ISO 9000-2, 9001, 9002, and 9003 use essentially the same numbering system. This is designed to make cross-referencing easier. However, this similarity breaks down at the more detailed level نظام إدارة الجودة أيزو 9001 : 2008. الكلام عن نظام الجودة يستلزم تفكيك الكلمات والتعرف عليها لفظا لفظا، فيمكن أن نقول: إن كلمة: نظام System تعني مجموعة متداخلة من العناصر ومرتبطة مع بعضها

ISO 9002. Accredited by the Dutch Council for Certification. Download the vector logo of the ISO 9002 brand designed by BVQI in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. The current status of the logo is active, which means the logo is currently in use. Designer I have deeply studied about ISO 9002 long time ago, it is just american system that create for developing countries trade interruption. I am studying and working in Germany where is the excellent organization managment without ISO system, the working idea is how to get the best result and the most convenience under nonstress conditions ونظام الجودة الأيزو 9002 iso 9002 تحديدًا هو النظام المطور ليتم تطبيقه في الميدان التربوي، إذ يتضمن تسعة عشر بندا لها ما يوافقها في العمل التربوي. (أ) بنود نظام الأيزو 9002 1- مسؤولية الإدارة العلي

These iso 9002 are obtained through highly regulated and controlled production processes to guarantee safety, along with optimal benefits. On Alibaba.com, iso 9002 vendors are made of certified manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers to ascertain the high quality and compliance with regulatory guidelines Abstract- (Show below) - (Hide below) Adopts ISO/TS 9002:2016, which provides guidance on the intent of the requirements in ISO 9001:2015, with examples of possible steps an organization can take to meet the requirements. It does not add to, subtract from, or in any way modify those requirements

ISO 9002 logo vector. Download free ISO 9002 vector logo in AI , EPS , JPG formats ISO has published ISO/TS 9002:2016 - Quality management systems - Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2015.This document acts as a companion to ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems - Requirements, supplementing its requirements with recommended guidelines on how organizations can expect to meet the standard's expected results in a realistic manner NOTE 10 of ISO 9002 states that documents can be in the form of any type of media such as hard copy or electronic media. If the system is totally electronic then there has to be sufficient availability of hardware (terminals, etc.) to facilitate personnel in accessing procedures, work instruction and records

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ISO 9002 guidelines for use in the steel manufacturing industry. Traceability (EN ISO 9002) Quality systems - Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing (ISO 9002: July 1994) Contents. 0 Introduction. 4.9 Process control. 1 Scope. 4.10 Inspection and testing. 2 Normative reference ISO 9002 and 9003: Is ISO 9001 a suitable replacement? Over the years numerous versions of the ISO 9001 Standard have existed such as ISO 9000, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003. However, in the year 2000 a decision was made to replace all of these with one, less bureaucratic, system which would be able monitor tasks and activities, embed quality into the. The ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management System - Requirements replaced the 1994 standards ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 by unifying them. It presents requirements to the implementation of quality management systems. Its main objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and also by providing conforming services.

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كما قام الباحث بإيضاح التطبيق التعليمي والتربوي للمواصفة الدولية للجودة، والتعرف على أهم الخطوات التطبيقية لعناصر المواصفة الدولية للجودة (9002 iso) في التربية والتعليم، ومن ثم تم وضع التصور. ISO 9002 - Translation Standard? Posted on November 23, 2008. December 11, 2008. by transubstantiation. Translators may be aware of the ISO 9002 standard often used in the quality assurance of translation work. However, several questions need to be asked in the analysis of this standard within the field of translation: Is this standard. AS9100 is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. It was released in October, 1999, by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the European Association of Aerospace Industries.. AS9100 replaces the earlier AS9000 and fully incorporates the entirety of the current version of ISO 9001, while adding requirements relating to quality and safety มาตรฐานระบบคุณภาพ ISO 9000. ISO 9001 9002 9003 เป็นระบบประกันคุณภาพ. ระบบคุณภาพ ISO 9000 จะกำหนดไว้เป็นการ ป้องกัน ไว้ทุกขั้นตอนของการปฏิบัติงา.

International Standard ISO 9002 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 176, Qualitymanagementand qualityassurance,Subcommittee SC 2, Quality systems. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO 9002:1987), which has been technically revised. Annex A of this InternationalStandard is for information only ISO 9000-2 juga memuat klAusul-klausul yang termasuk dalam ISO 9001, ISO 9002, dan ISO 9003 serta panduan untuk setiap klausul. Selain itu, ISO 9000-3 merupakan standar manajemen kualitas dan penjaminan kualitas yang memberikan panduan untuk aplikasi ISO 9001 dalam mengembangkan, memasok, dan memelihara perangkat lunak (software)

المتطلبات الأساسية ضمن إيزو 9001:2008 iso التابعة لنظم إدارة الجودة— هذا المعيار مخصص للاستخدام في أي منظمة بغض النظر عن حجمها، أو نوع المنتج (بما في ذلك الخدمة) ISO is a non-governmental organization established in 1947. The mission of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity Purchase your copy of BS EN ISO 9002:1994 as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available online in electronic and print formats. BS EN ISO 9002:1994 - Quality systems

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The ISO-9000:2000, being processoriented, can be applied to virtually any industry worldwide, and is certainly widely embraced in the semiconductor industry. • The ISO-9000:1994 had 3 standards: the ISO-9001:1994, the ISO-9002:1994, and the ISO-9003:1994 ISO 9002. During the year 2000 the unit has been awarded ISO 9002 certification for the Quality Assurance System. In view of having gone for that certificate, the Company is benefited in the following ways:-. Ø 1. In general Quality awareness has been imbibed the employees studying ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 and searching for understanding that a clear logic emerges. The use of the word quality creates an anomaly and tends to represent the standard as simply a tool to meet customer quality requirements and no others. This is not to say that the standard is flawed

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ISO 9000 -standardit ja niiden tarkoitus. Standardin ISO 9000 mukaan jonkin kohteen, esimerkiksi tuotteen, laatu (quality) tarkoittaa sitä, missä määrin tuon kohteen ominaisuudet täyttävät kaikkien siihen liittyvien sidosryhmien vaatimukset. Suomenkielen sana vaatimukset antaa helposti suppean käsityksen asiasta, sillä standardikielessä vaatimukset (requirements) tarkoittavat. What is ISO 9002? ISO 9002 is an industry standard created by the International Organization for Standardization. Its long title is Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing. Although ISO 9002 is now obsolete and has been replaced by ISO 9001, the new standard has basically the same material with the addition of a section covering the creation of new products Hire an ISO consultant to complete the entire process with you. If you are short on people and have the funds, this may be the most effective option. However, this is the most expensive option ($5,000 -$50,000) as they would typically create (and charge you for) many of the documents included in our packages This revision also combines the ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 standards. The 2000 version has now been revised by ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001:2000 is a non-industry specific certification that indicates that gives guidelines and requirements on how to implement and maintain a quality management system EN ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 (former EN 29001, 29002 and 29003) standards, alongside the more traditional product certification procedures such as type testing and unit verification, and even the manufacturers declaration of conformity. · This approach was adopted by Decision 90/683/EEC3 of 1 3 December 1 990 (a

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  1. ISO 9001 and 9002 Requirements by Section. 1. Management responsibility. Summary: Management must formulate the quality policy and provide the organization and resources necessary for supporting the quality system. Managers must periodically review the quality system to assess its effectiveness and suitability
  2. ISO 9002 is named Quality System - Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing. Scope: ISO 9001 applies in situations when: a) design is required and the product requirements are stated principally in performance terms, or they need to be established, and
  3. ISO 9002 Implementation My company is seeking certification in ISO 9002. Does anyone have a manual they are willing to share as an example? We are a small company of about 35 employees and we produce chlorine, bleach and alum and some specialty chemicals. Our ISO team consists of me, so I..
  4. utes to.

ISO 9002 is concerned with quality assurance at the production and installation stages. ISO 9003 covers testing and inspections. As Karapetrovic, Rajamani, and Willborn noted, if the minimum requirements are met [for the above operating areas], a registrar accredited by a national accreditation institution issues a certificate of compliance. TCVN ISO/TS 9002:2017 hoàn toàn tương đương với ISO/TS 9002:2016. TCVN IS O/T S 9002:2017 do Ban kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn Quốc gia TCVN/TC 176 Quản lý chất lượng và Đảm bảo chất lượng biên soạn, Tổng cục Tiêu chuẩn Đo lường Chất lượng đề nghị, Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ c ô ng bố chứng chỉ iso 9002 là gì. 31 mai 2017 / antoanvesinhlaodong. Cấp chứng chỉ ISO 9001 - 2015 - 14001 - 22000. Mô tả sản phẩm. ISO 9001:2015 là chứng chỉ liên hệ tới hệ thống quản lý chất lượng. Ngày 15/09/2015, Tổ chức Tiêu chuẩn hóa quốc tế (ISO) đã chính thức ban hành tiêu. ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system templates: Environmental manuals, procedures, forms, and audit checklists. Whether you want to inspire trust in your business or promote sustainability, the environmental manual and procedure templates provide a structured approach to achieving compliance with ISO 14001:2015 by defining the processes, practices and documentation required to. ISO 9002. Except as set forth on Schedule 5.30, all products manufactured by the Company have been manufactured in accordance with ISO-9002. The Company has retained all documents necessary for compliance with ISO-9002

ISO 9000 -standardisarjaa voi hyödyntää kaiken kokoiset yritykset ja organisaatiot. Pienten ja keskisuurten yritysten käyttöön on laadittu käsikirja, jossa annetaan laadunhallintajärjestelmän laatimista ja toteuttamista koskevia ohjeita. Tutustu SFS-käsikirja 807 Standardi ISO 9001:2015 pk-yritysten näkökulmasta. Kuinka toimia Quality system guidelines Guide to AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 9002, and AS/NZS ISO 9003 for construction: SAA/SNZ MP76:1997 : Pressure equipment - Inspection bodies and personnel (Reconfirmed 2016) AS/NZS ISO 3834.3:1999 : Quality requirements for welding - Fusion welding of metallic materials Standards quality requirements: AS 2758.1-199 Certification may be a prerequisite to working with certain customers, in particular government clients. ISO 9000 has seven recognized principles: customer focus, engagement of people, leadership, process approach to quality management, continual improvement, fact-based decision making, and relationship management BS EN ISO 9002, Model for quality assurance in production. The ISO 900 standards is an important quality related standard by International standards organization. The ISO 900 quality system is developed to achieve quality standards for management, manufacturing, customer satisfaction and product quality with maximum cost effectiveness ISO 9002 can lead to higher product and service quality because clear documentation (and good training on how to use it), provides a reliable and consistent method of teaching employees how to do quality work. The alternative methods of training and communication usually lead to mistakes, scrap and rework; drive internal costs up, increase lead.

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  1. g inspection of all materials received if it can be otherwise verified as confor
  2. ISO 9001: This standard applies to the organizations engaged in design, development, production, and servicing of goods. This is the standard that applies to most software development organizations. ISO 9002: This standard applies to those organizations which do not design products but are only involved in the production. Examples of these.
  3. TCVN ISO 9002 : 1996 hoàn toàn tương đương với ISO 9002 : 1994. TCVN ISO 9002 : 1996 do Ban kỹ thuật tiêu chuẩn TCVN/TC 176 Quản lý chất lượng và đảm bảo chất lượng biên soạn, Tổng cục Tiêu chuẩn - Đo lường - Chất lượng đề nghị, Bộ Khoa học, Công nghệ và Môi trường ban hành
  4. ISO 9001 This will replace the current series of ISO 9001/9002/9003. There are some significant changes to the current requirements, and this guide highlights some of these changes. This is the standard which assessment bodies will use for surveillance or certification purposes. ISO 900
  5. es that a company is able to provide quality products and services consistently

In the past, ISO had three sets of quality requirements: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 9003. However, now there's only one standard: ISO 9001 2015. ISO 9002 and 9003 have been dropped. In the past, ISO's quality guidelines included ISO 8402, ISO 9000, ISO 9004, ISO 10005, ISO 10011, ISO 10012, and ISO 10013. But most of these standards have. This revision also combines the ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 standards. The 2000 version has now been revised by ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001:2000 is a non-industry specific certification that indicates that gives guidelines and requirements on how to implement and maintain a quality management system ISO 9002:1987 Modelis skirtas produkcijos, instaliavimo bei aptarnavimo kokybei užtikrinti, pagrįstas beveik ta pačia medžiaga kaip ir ISO 9001, bet neapima naujų produktų kūrimo. ISO 9003:1987 Modelis skirtas finansinio patikrinimo ir testavimo kokybei užtikrinti, apėmė tik galutinę pagaminto produkto patikrą, neatžvelgiant į tai. ISO 9001 defines the criteria for a Quality Management System and is the only standard in the family that can be audited against with the goal of voluntary compliance or to become 3rd party registered. In fact, there are over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001. All the requirements of ISO 9001. Get ISO 9001:2015 certificate for 3 years validity - Get ISO 9001:2015 certificate for 3 years validity www.matrixcertificationservices.com In 1946, many countries had a meeting at Institute of Civil Engineers in London to develop a new organization which has international standards, the main moto was to 'make easy the coordination and being united of industrial standards' from this the.

Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 1 of 3 TIP120, 121, 122 NPN PLASTIC POWER TRANSISTORS TIP125, 126, 127 PNP PLASTIC POWER TRANSISTOR Historie ISO 9000. Normy ISO 9000 byly poprvé zveřejněny v roce 1987 a vzešly z řady norem BS 5750 (British Standard). Určité úpravy a revize proběhly v roce 1994, ale až v roce 2000 vznikla nová ucelená řada ISO 9000, která sloučila tři standardy (ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003). V roce 2008 byl systém doplněn o normu ISO 9004, která pouze rozšiřuje již fungující systémy

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System (EMS) which gives organizations a systematic approach for measuring and improving their environmental impact. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 share a similar Plan-Do-Check-Act structure and have many similarities, but they do not directly align clause for clause. See below for a breakdown of similarities. UKAS ISO/IEC17025 and ISO 17034 certified, viscosity 135.9 mPa.s (20 °C) Pricing: C200: UKAS ISO/IEC17025 and ISO 17034 certified, viscosity 557.7 mPa.s (20 °C) Pricing: C350: UKAS ISO/IEC17025 and ISO 17034 certified, viscosity 1044 mPa.s (20 °C) Pricing: C35: UKAS ISO/IEC17025 and ISO 17034 certified, viscosity 72.9 mPa.s (20 °C) Pricing: C1 ISO 9001 is an international Management System Standard for quality management. The ISO 9001 Standard is published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. Over a million organisations worldwide are certified to the ISO 9001 Standard, making it the most widely used management tool throughout the world תקן ISO 9001 מבוסס על כמה עקרונות לניהול איכות: 1. התמקדות בלקוח. על הארגון להבין את צרכי הלקוח וציפיותיו מהשירות או המוצר. התהליכים בארגון צריכים לתת מענה מלא לצרכים הללו, ואף לשאוף להעניק ללקוח. edition (ISO 9001:1994) together with ISO 9002:1994 and ISO 9003:1994. It constitutes a technical revision of these documents. Those organizations which have used ISO 9002:1994 and ISO 9003:1994 in the past may use this International Standard by excluding certain requirements in accordance with (Clause) 1.2'

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ISO 9002 berisi sistem mutu yang digunakan sebagai model jaminan mutudan dalam produksi dan instalasi. Sertifikat ISO 9002 bukan menekankan mutuproduk tetapi menekankan kepada mutu manajemen, yaitu melihat organisasi bisnis menghasilkan produk mulai dari pemilihan bahan baku, sumberdayamanusia, pengolahan, peralatan, sampai dengan pembuangan. ISO 22000 also requires the review and identification of specifications, formulation and origin for input and end-products. ISO 22000 separates and clarifies verification activities and validation activities. Allergen control is a required prerequisite program in ISO 22000; however it is not mentioned in HACCP If a company indicates they comply with ISO standards, it means they have internally used ISO as a guideline for their program development. There are many kinds of ISO standards, all impacting different parts of a business. ISO 9000 relates to quality management and is the basis for many standards สำหรับ iso 9002 และ iso 9003 ถูกนำมารวมไว้ใน iso 9001 (ประกาศใช้ในปี 2000) สำหรับ iso 9004 ไดแปลี่ยนชื่อมาตรฐานในการประกาศใช้เมื่อปี 2009 (iso 9004:2009

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  • طلب نقل ملكية مركبة من شخص إلى آخر.
  • كيفية رسم دورة الماء.
  • حروف و كلمات.
  • Retin a tablets.
  • الفرق بين دكتور الأعصاب والعظام.
  • مبيد تشجارين.
  • فيلم سايكو ألفريد هيتشكوك مترجم.
  • أسباب ظهور صرصور الليل.
  • من تزوجت وعمرها ٤٠.
  • خريطة أسيوط.
  • ابعاد كنتم كلمات.
  • مثبت شعر ويلا.
  • المواطن الصالح من هو وكيف تكون مواطنا صالحا.
  • رسائل عتاب تويتر.
  • مهارات ركوب الخيل.
  • القسوة على الأطفال.
  • Joseph Marcell Nurse Ratched.
  • أحياء راقية في الخرطوم.
  • جيمس جيمس.
  • صندوق الأمم المتحدة للطفولة.
  • برنامج تصميم ديكور خارجي.
  • جيتا 2019 للبيع.
  • حلويات لافندر.
  • علاج نقص كريات الدم البيضاء بالادوية.
  • فيلا للايجار في جنوب لبنان.
  • ما هي العنقاء.
  • أول متحول في العالم.
  • أغنية دورا الجاي.